Greenwitch Productions, LLC

Professional Software Engineering

"The Code is the Law"
console.log('The Code is the Law');

Douglas Kuhn

Senior Software Engineer


Over a decade of full stack software engineering and UI design experience. I have worked in a variety of fields to analyze, develop and evaluate large-scale implementations of complex software systems. Have directly improved and maintained current systems and actively developing and creating brand new projects.

Full-Stack Software Engineer / Architect

Software Tools
Front-End React.js/React Native, Vue.js, Angular.js, Svelte (compiler)
Back-End Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, PostgreSQL

Media Producer / Professional Speaker

Engineering through charisma. Talks of techincal subject matter broken down and delivered with full details and comprehension.

Our talks teach and enlighten. Let us be the co-pilot to help manage your technical understanding of this very fast paced and technical world.


Full stack JavaScript and Python software project development engineering.   Coordinate full scale DevOps, System Administration, and Cyber Security.  Implementing Docker and Kubernetes with Github and development setup.   Design user experiences and user interfaces to spec. Integrate token mechanisms  and deliver contracts. MEAN(Angular), MERN(React), and MEVN(Vue) stacks.

Code it

We create the code in JavaScript and Python. Build under full ES7 specifications and with W3C web 3.0 standards.

Secure it

Laying down the roots, implimenting encryption, and ssl certificates, hardening operating systems and their devices. Updating the code base and patching security holes.

Configure it

Setting up full scale Git collaboration, software CI/CD automation and testing validation. Creating turn-key software solutions with Docker and Kubernetes.

Design it

From a drawing, to a wireframe, to an interoperable User Interface to build your image and your brand. We understand the Art of our Science, and the Science of our Art.

Blockchain it

Building apps on the Blockchain, with Solidity. Intergrating Ethereum token projects on and off chain.

Deliver it

We deliver more than we promise, on time and bug free.