Problem Solver, Trouble Shooter

Full Stack Web Development, Tools and Talent

Strong front-end skills with React/React Native, Vue.js JavaScript Frameworks and User Interface (UI) design. JavaScript Node.js (NPM) and Python(Flask and Django) back-end technology with JSON data structures and NoSQL MongoDB, and PostgresSQL. Development and understanding of RESTful API multiple endpoints and GraphQL API single end-point mechinisms. Full Git, CI/CD software automation, and Jasmine testing. Agile software development with Scrum methodology..

Complete DevOp managnment of Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud hosting & deployment. Docker swarm micro-services, Docker’s own container’s orchestration using Docker API and networking. Kubernetes, a open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized (Docker) applications. Deployed using a combination of pods, deployments, and micro-services.

Business Relations, The Terms

  • Corp-to-Corp 1099 relations prefered.
  • W2 relations considered for industry domains working with Blockchain, Machine Learning, and A.I.
  • Remote telecommuting must be an option.
  • Relocation and/or onsite mandates must be fully subsidized.
  • Compensation negotiations will be initiated only after details of the project are known, a fair budget has been determined, and after a resonable offer has been submitted.
  • Crypto and Bitcoin are always prefered payment methods.